Procura+ CO2 Test

Procura+ Vermeden CO2 test

Climate change is the long-term shift in the Earth’s average temperatures and weather conditions. Over the last decade, the world was on average around 1.2C warmer than during the late 19th Century. When fossil fuels burn, they release greenhouse gases – mostly carbon dioxide (CO2). This traps extra energy in the atmosphere near the Earth’s surface, causing the planet to heat up. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution – when humans started burning large amounts of fossil fuels – the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen by about 50%. To lower the levels of CO2 in the atmosfeer we aim at “net zero” CO2 emissions by 2050. Net zero means reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, and removing any remaining emissions from the atmosphere.emissions as much as possible.

In this form you need to measure your contribution to avoid CO2 emissions related to your advice work to our organisation. We calculate your contribution to avoid CO2 against the average vehicle used for business travel. The CO2 equivalents are calculated based on the Dutch Emissionlist d.d. 23 april 2023 from Well to Weel.

Your home office is 30 km from the organisation you give advice to and you need to travel every month for a year to meet on site. Please fill in the form.

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