Socially Responsible Contracting and Purchasing

The greatest social and environmental impact is often in the supply chain. The choice of material, origin and method of production determine an organization’s impact on sustainable development goals.

Our impact metrics make it easy for suppliers to show how their offerings contribute to CO2 reduction and circularity goals. For any organization looking for measurable impact.

kg of primary materials avoided

Show in what ways the supply reduces the use of primary material.

kg CO2 emissions avoided

Calculate how many CO2 emissions will be avoided by using fewer and more sustainable fuels.

kg NOx emissions avoided

Calculate how many NOx emissions are emitted from fossil fuels.

m3 of water storage

Show where new stormwater storage buffers are created.

# Faire trade products

Show what fair trade products have been purchased.

€ to social enterprises

Let how much budget is procured from social enterprises.

MW renewable

Show how many renewable energy sources are being installed for local use.

# pilot projects

Show what pilots are underway to make SDG impact together. Together for goals.

m2 of green space 

Show where additional green space is being created to enhance forest cover and diversity.

System Change

The challenges we face require action from everyone. Our calculation modules make the contribution concrete and visible.

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